Looking for Niche Website Ideas? Go to the Source of the Money…

There are plenty of good places to find niche website keywords, but one great place is to figure out who is spending the most money online and go there.

The idea behind this is simple, if you know which industries or companies are spending lots of money online, then you can drill down and figure out some keywords that may be highly valuable (and yes, some still have low competition).

This study by eMarketer, shows that the highest spending industries online are: Retail, Telecom, Financial Services, Automotive, and Computing Products. So, you can bet that if you can find some keywords related to these industries, they can be very high paying!

But let me even take it a step further here. Lets be honest – “retail” is a very broad industry – this could be anything from Tupperware to Toilet Paper. There are billions of retail products, so you would have to do a lot of work to figure out a great “niche” still.

However, as I look at these industries, Telecom for example looks a little more narrow. I could think to myself, “Which companies are in the Telecom Industry?”. I might come up with a list like: AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and others.

Then I could think which specific products do these companies make or offer? Now I could come up with some great seed keywords like: cordless phones, wireless service, Verizon iPhone plan, HTC Mobile Phone, Samsung Epic, and many others.

These would all be great place to start some keyword research. Then as you drilled down even further and expanded your keyword lists; you are sure to find some very interesting and HIGH PAYING niches.

Anyway, hope this gives you some great ideas! As always, best of luck in your research for those hidden gems Рand if you have any other great ideas for finding niche keyword ideas, let me know!

— Spencer Haws —