Google Algorithm Update (October 2016)

Recently Google confirmed on their Webmaster Central Blog the update of Google core algorithm. A few weeks before, Webmasters and SEO specialists have noticed the never seen before changes in search results.

The SEO community had assumed that Google is testing Penguin in the wild, so the update itself has become not a bombshell, but its results are important for online businesses and websites.

Let’s just recall what Penguin actually means. Google initially rolled out the Penguin Algorithm in April 2012 to control spamming sites. In particular, its goal is to identify and pessimize the sites that boost Google rankings for unnatural looking anchor texts, used in backlinks. The last time Google released a Penguin update over 700 days ago.

According to the official come out the updated algorithm has a few key amendments. Let us make clear what actually has changed and what consequences would follow:

  1. Penguin has become an integral part of core Google Algorithm. So the SEO community was close in the guesses, but here we would like to stress that Google had updated the core algorithm in general and the changes are not limited to Penguin share only.
  2. Penguin is real-time now. That means that since now, webmasters and site owners should be able to see changes at the same time as Google re-crawls the link profile for a particular website and re-evaluates the rankings.
  3. Naturally looking backlink profile has become even more important. The more Google improves, the more natural should backlink profile look like.

What else should you know?

Link building works! That’s exactly why Search Engines devote so much attention to that part. So keep your link building natural, select and create proper anchors and extend your link profile by the most efficient way.

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